Doulas supports a family in labor

Why Virtual

In the dynamic and ever-evolving digital era, birth doula training has carved out a significant and immersive space in the virtual realm. Imagine stepping into a live, interactive classroom from the comfort of your own home, learning, growing, and engaging in real-time with expert trainers and like-minded peers. This is exactly what our live virtual birth doula training offers you.

Becoming a birth doula no longer requires you to navigate extensive commutes or rearrange your life to fit into a rigid schedule. Instead, our live virtual training lets you engage in real-time learning, allowing you to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to provide mothers with emotional, physical, and educational support during one of life’s most precious experiences – childbirth.

The Flexibility of Live Online Learning

The unique selling point of live online birth doula training is its outstanding flexibility. As a profession, being a birth doula often requires you to adapt to varying schedules and routines. Our live virtual training aligns perfectly with this reality, enabling you to attend interactive sessions that fit seamlessly into your existing lifestyle.

Whether you’re a nocturnal learner, an early bird, or a busy parent with limited free time during the day, our live sessions cater to a wide range of schedules. All you need is an internet connection, and you can join the live classes from anywhere in the world.

While this format retains the spontaneity and immediacy of a traditional classroom setting, it also allows you to manage your learning pace during live sessions. You can actively participate in discussions, ask questions as they arise, and delve deeper into complex topics in real-time. Thus, the benefits of live online learning are twofold – you get the convenience of virtual training and the immediate, interactive experience of a live classroom.


With live online birth doula training, you’re not just joining a course – you’re becoming part of a global community. These live sessions bring together individuals from various backgrounds, all united by a shared passion for becoming birth doulas. The interactive nature of the training allows for lively discussions, mutual support, and the sharing of diverse perspectives, enriching your learning experience.

Motivation and Support

Our training is designed to provide more than just educational content. We offer continuous support throughout your journey, with trainers readily available to address queries and provide feedback during the live sessions. This immediate support ensures you never feel alone in your learning journey, making online learning as engaging and effective as traditional classroom training and continues beyond class.


Our live online birth doula training offers you the unique advantage of balancing your work, life, and study commitments without compromise. You can participate in the training right from your home, removing the need for travel and making it an ideal solution for those with full-time jobs, families, or other responsibilities.


In addition to live sessions, our training program equips you with an expansive suite of digital resources. You gain exclusive access to a digital library filled with e-books, case studies, research papers, and articles from leading voices in the birthing community. This wealth of resources complements the live training sessions, providing further avenues for you to explore and learn at your convenience.

Publications featuring the Trainer

Doula talks about TENS units for labor.
This training with Robin far exceeded my expectations. The value-to-cost ratio was astronomical -- I still can't believe how much quality information, discussion, and preparation is provided in 5 days. Robin also did a fantastic job of pacing the class, keeping the attention of her students, and incorporating several different learning styles. I did not feel like I was learning via an online platform at all. It was wonderful to experience that quality of class structure from the convenience of my dining room table.
Doula does the double hip squeeze in labor.
I've taken various courses over the last few years -- virtual, in-person, continuing, and "primary" education. This is by far one of the most comprehensive and well-taught classes I've taken in a WHILE. Robin clearly knows the information she's speaking to but has FANTASTIC delivery methods. She has taken the time to invest in building a well-structured course about something that she's passionate about. It can be a struggle to sit in front of a computer all day for 3 days, but I looked forward to every minute of it!
Doula holds a leg during pushing.
Robin is the most incredible educator. It was a lot of information over 3 long days but it really did go by incredibly quickly. Robin is impressively knowledgeable and her passion surrounding birth work really shone through each day. She made it exciting for me and my classmates to stare at our screens for 27 hours. I didn’t even realize how quickly time was going by and on day 3 I was so sad that it had to end. 10/10 recommend Robin as an educator to anyone.
Doula calming a mother in labor.